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What in the heck is… Goopping?

You may have been searching for a reliable package forwarding service and found yourself directed to a lovely little site called Goopping. At this point you are asking yourself a reasonable question, because seriously… “What in the heck is Goopping?” provides a way for international shoppers to buy products from USA online retailers who cannot (or will not) ship internationally.

If you’re from Melbourne and dying to get your hands on a Kindle Fire? Now you can!

As a package forwarding service, Goopping provides shoppers from any country with a free US address. This way, when you find an item from a US store you have to have, you can enter your Goopping address for shipping and have it sent to us!

After you tell Goopping you are shipping that Kindle Fire, (or whatever the item may be), we Gooppers will wait for your package to come. As soon as it gets here we forward it to you anywhere in the world!

Gone are the days of longing for items you just can’t get or paying premium prices in local shops. Buy what you want, and get it shipped to you for the lowest rates with