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How Can I Tell if a Site I am Buying from is Safe?

We at Goopping want to make sure our customers are shopping from the safest online stores. We’ve gathered a few simple tips to help you make sure the site you’re buying from is secure:

1. Don’t give card info to sites unless they start with https://

Every time you visit a website, information is sent from your computer to the web server… and from the web server to your computer. This information is usually sent in plain text. Every piece of information you enter, credit card numbers, password, etc. traverse many servers (computers) to reach their destination. This means, all those different computers your info is passing through could potentially read it. …Scary!

To prevent this, you need to make sure the site you are using encrypts your data before they send it out. (Encrypting means they change it so it’s not in plain text and can’t be read).

On the page you enter your information, make sure the website starts with https:// to  encrypt your data. The “s” at the end of the http is the vital part. Without it, you know that the site is not secured.

Ex. Amazon’s URL changes to, “” on the page you enter your card information so you know it is a secure site.

  Ex. Goopping’s URL is always set as https://

      2. Check for a security icon  

 Each browser will display a different  security image to indicate whether a site is safe:

 Ex. Google Chrome has a picture of a lock to the left of the URL:

 Ex. Firefox Highlights the Site title:


Ex. Internet Explorer has a picture of a lock to the right of the URL:

 Ex. Safari also has a picture of a lock to the right of theURL

 It is important to click on these icons/highlighted parts of the URL to make sure security information is available; some sites can throw up faulty lock images.

 3. Check to see if there is a Site Seal

 On secure sites, they will have a seal visible (see Goopping home page for example) that you can click on to see security verification information.

Goopping has a site seal that looks like this:

Make sure to click on the seal and see if verification of the security pops up. It should look something like this:

For examples of these security measures, you can take a look at Goopping.