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Hate having your outlets monopolized by all your chargers?

You know what it looks like, six different chargers jammed into one or two outlets charging your iPod, iPad, camera, and who knows what else! It’s clutter. … And it’s annoying. Turison has come up with this sweet console (available on Amazon) where you can charge up to 6 different phones at once. You can also charge apple products, digital cameras, kid’s game stations, and a number of other devices. It’s the “Universal” charger. It comes with 10 interchangeable adapters that can be removed to use a 2.0 USB connection. Plus, the adapters are compatible with 90% of cell phones. So, if you have a guest coming and they forgot their charger, this thing can really come in handy. If you can’t get the Universal Charger in your own country, you can still buy it from the US Amazon and use Goopping’s package forwarding service to ship it anywhere.

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