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5 Best Easter Candies

As an international shipping company, and package forwarder, we are fully aware that many of our customers all over the world celebrate Easter. What was surprising and interesting to realize, was that many of those who ship through Goopping, and celebrate this springy holiday, don’t have some of the BASIC, and classic Easter goodies in their home countries.

So, in honor of Easter, and to bring a little more “sweetness” to our devoted “Gooppers,” we’ve put together a list of the top 5 Easter candies in the U.S. If you decide you’d like to include them in your Easter basket this year, let us know! We’ll ship ‘em.

1. Peeps
2. Cad bury Eggs
3. Reese’s Eggs
4. Milk Chocolate Bunny
5. Starburst Jelly Beans