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Products that are cheaper in the US than Canada

Have you ever picked up a book at a book store and noticed the difference between the Canadian Price and the USA price? Wowzer. Even on things as simple as Hallmark cards the difference is blaringly stark. But we get ahead of ourselves. The point is, prices for most things are higher in Canada than they are in the US.

Don’t believe us? Here are some basic examples:

Adidas Superstar
Canada: $89.99
USA: $67

Davinci Code
Canada: $37.95
USA: $24.95

Men’s Seiko Stainless Steel Chronograph
Canada: $425
USA: $350

Samsung LCD TV
Canada: $1,899
USA: $1,319

These are just a few minor examples of items that represent a larger category of products that are generally priced lower, (even when sold at the same store), in the USA versus Canada. Basically, you can get all the same shoes, designer clothing, books, jewelry, and electronics for much less in the states.