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How do I know if I need a Buy for Me service?

Many international online shoppers find they cannot buy what they want, from where they want, because U.S. online shops won’t accept their international credit card.

Many U.S. online shops only accept your credit card if it is associated with a U.S. billing address. Unfortunately, even if a store like Walmart, Target, or a myriad of others, exists in your own country the prices are often lower in the U.S.

Nobody wants to pay more for an item than their neighbors across the sea, or even across the border. To combat this frustration, Goopping offers a Buy for Me service.

You place a Buy for Me order and tell us what you want to buy and from where. Using our U.S. bank account, we can make the purchase for you. You then pay Goopping for the item. You can pay Goopping with Paypal, Skrill, or with your international credit card.