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Why Some Americans Celebrate Christmas on the 26th

Would that not be outrageous? Well, believe it or not, there are some families in the states who actually do this! That’s right, they wait until December 26th to celebrate Christmas.

What on earth might prompt someone to delay their yuletide joy? Sales. Pure and simple. Sad as it may be, there are some Americans who are willing to put off their holiday celebrations in order to access the MAJOR “After-Christmas” sales that go on. RedBoxBlond

We’re not so sure about this routine, but perhaps the day-old eggnog tastes a little better knowing that you saved upwards of 50% on most of your Christmas gifts. Either, way, if you’re an avid online shopper, these after-Christmas sales are something to be aware of.

So, while we’re not necessarily suggesting you put off your holiday celebrations, we are letting you know, the biggest and best savings in the USA are almost always right after Christmas day.


Happy Shopping everyone, and Happy Holidays from Goopping