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Goopping – A Stress Reliever

1. The Thrill Of It All!

The latest and greatest technology has been announced! You must have it! Excitement ensues and the hunt is on. You go shopping for the best deals available and are able to find one that entices you to make the purchase. Thank you Amazon! However, you quickly realize that the retailer you’re ordering from doesn’t ship internationally…


2. Time To Look For A Friend

You decide it’s time to call up that old friend that you knew in college or that you were friends with as a child, but has since moved to the United States. The only problem is, it’s been years since you last spoke. “Is this going to be awkward?” you ask yourself.


3. There’s Got To Be Another Way…

An epiphany! Surely that can’t be the only solution. In-fact, it’s not even the easiest solution! Upon doing some additional research, you come across


4. A Free US Address?

You find yourself thinking, “Is this real life?” After careful consideration, you decide to give it a shot. Why not, it’s free to sign-up


5. Shipping Your Item

You finalize everything through and we’ve even taken a picture of your item so you can verify that it is indeed the right product. You’re overcome with joy. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve been taken care of and that you’re new purchase will be arriving within 7-10 days and at a discount price!