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Is Amazon Prime Worth It?


I wanted to take a minute and provide a breakdown of the pros & cons of using Amazon Prime for those living outside of the United States.

Here are the perks to using Amazon Prime:

  • Unlimited streaming video of thousands of movie & TV shows with Prime Instant Video.
  • Free 2 Day Shipping
  • No minimum order size
  • Read free books each month through Kindle Library


Though the unlimited streaming sounds very enticing, there is a layer that needs to be peeled back and studied for those living outside of the US. Unfortunately, this is only effective for those who are living in the US. So if your main goal of signing up is for the streaming, you might want to rethink that.

Initially when signing up, it would appear that you can read multiple books each month. However, this is not the case. You are allotted to read one book. Also, in order to use the book lending, you’ll need to do so on another Kindle. So basically, you need to have a kindle before you can really take advantage of this one.


If you are someone who is regularly shopping online, then it’s definitely worth your time and money. If you are shipping an order at least every other month, then you’re easily making up the difference in shipping costs compared to the cost of Amazon Prime. You can’t beat free two-day shipping.

Another benefit is that you aren’t held to a minimum shipping requirement. Some sites will have certain requirements in order to take advantage of certain benefits. Amazon Prime is not one of those sites.


If you plan on using it primarily for shipping, then it’s a must. If you’re more interested in the online streaming, then steer clear!

If you want to take advantage of a free 30-day trial, try this. Just be sure that you cancel before 31 days if you aren’t impressed.

Jared Edwards