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Buy For Me

buy-for-meHow Does A “Buy For Me” Service Work?

There are a quite a few websites within the U.S. that won’t allow a purchase from an international credit card. This can put a damper on your ability to acquire your item of choice. A buy for me service is usually provided by a freight forwarding company ( in this case; and helps you overcome that issue. Hopefully I can provide some insight as to how the process works and why it can be useful. It’s really pretty straight forward, but here it goes.

  1. Pick Your Item

    • First and foremost, you’ll need access the website you wish to purchase your item from. Once you find the item, you’ll notify us by supplying us with the URL and store info. As a side note, this can be useful for those who may not speak English and need some extra help making sure they’re getting what they’re expecting. Then again, if you’re reading this you likely speak English, so it may not be the most useful information for you. However, my goal is to provide you with as much info as possible…
  2. We Buy It

    • Now that you’ve updated your info in our system, we will go and purchase it on your behalf. It’s important to note that has a policy that all first time orders over $500.00 will require a valid Government ID and where possible, recent credit card statement. After we’ve purchased the item, we’ll then notify you.
  3. Your Turn

    • You will then purchase the product from us with an additional 10% of the order total or a $20 minimum.
  4. We Pack It

    • We will pack and consolidate if needs be and provide you with a shipping total.
  5. You Pay For Shipping & We Ship

      Simple enough.

Hopefully that is an adequate explanation of the process. Again, it’s pretty straight forward and can be very useful for those sites that won’t allow purchases from an International credit card.

Jared Edwards