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Comparison Shopping

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Google Can Save You Money! Before you decide to make an online purchase, make sure you’re getting the best deal available. I wanted to share an effective money saving technique that is, well– quite simple. The internet/Google (they’re nearly interchangeable at this point) has provided us with the opportunity to access literally any piece of […]

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A More Informed Shopper

More Informed Shopper

Jared Edwards

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Is Amazon Prime Worth It?


I wanted to take a minute and provide a breakdown of the pros & cons of using Amazon Prime for those living outside of the United States. Here are the perks to using Amazon Prime: Unlimited streaming video of thousands of movie & TV shows with Prime Instant Video. Free 2 Day Shipping No minimum […]

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Advantages Of Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Advantages Endless Opportunity The internet offers endless opportunities for consumers. Gone are the days of having to walk from store to store looking for the newest pair of shoes. You can nearly access infinite amounts of information while sitting in the comfort of your own home. It’s truly amazing the possibilities the internet offers. Remember, […]

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Goopping – A Stress Reliever

1. The Thrill Of It All! The latest and greatest technology has been announced! You must have it! Excitement ensues and the hunt is on. You go shopping for the best deals available and are able to find one that entices you to make the purchase. Thank you Amazon! However, you quickly realize that the […]

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