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Why do I need a package forwarding service?

Have you ever wanted to buy something from the US but can’t because: -The store won’t ship internationally? -The store won’t accept your credit card? -The store charges ridiculously large shipping rates for international shipments? -You simply don’t know how? Then you need a package forwarding service. Yup. That’s it. That’s the whole answer. …Ok, […]

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We know you don’t have a gift yet…

Ok, yea…we are posting about Valentine’s…again. What can we say? We at Goopping love, LOVE! And we simply cannot stand the idea that some of our customers do NOT celebrate it in their own countries. In honor of this stupendous holiday, we have created a “love”-ly Pinterest Board, dedicated solely to Valentine’s Day. Are you […]

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Why become a website “Affiliate”?

If you’re at all familiar with the world of blogs, eCommerce, or …the internet in general, you might have heard of something called an “affiliate” program. You may also be thinking to your self right now, “Um, I am well adept at traversing the blogosphere and the world-wide web and I have NEVER heard this.” […]

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Get Creative This Valentine’s Day

Yes, Goopping is on Pinterest, and yes, we are loving it! Check us out for GREAT, original Valentine’s ideas. Be sure to shop now, Valentine’s is fast approaching and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your sweetheart with a delayed international shipment. Widgets

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Sign Shop

Many of our Goopping users own shops in countries outside of the US. They have us ship many of their products to them in bulk. One of our favorite customers regularly has a shipment come through that we just LOVE packing. It never ceases to be interesting. Check out this gallery of the cool signs […]

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