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Avoiding Hidden Shipping Charges

Hi all our customers! We want to make sure no one is surprised when they receive their Goopping charge for international shipping. We are doing this by: 1. Posting ALL possible charges/fees on our Services page. This way, you can view every cost BEFORE ever shipping with us. 2. Using our Shipping Calculator, you can […]

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What is a Fuel Surcharge?

Those of you who have used a package forwarding company before may have been disappointed when at the end of the day, you were tagged with something called… A Fuel Surcharge. What is this weird sounding “charge,” you may ask? The fuel surcharge is the cost the hauler charges for excessive fuel costs that occur […]

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Shower it on us…baby

With so many of our Goopping customers shipping baby clothes, toys, even diapers, we came to the profound conclusion that…. (drum roll please) YOU GUYS HAVE BABIES! And considering the volume of baby goods we ship, we decided a post about awesome baby shower ideas, and just baby stuff in general, would be best. Fun […]

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American flour vs Japanese flour, what’s the difference?

Sitting in our Goopping office today, I overheard a conversation between one of our accountants, (who happens to be Japanese), and one of our warehouse employees. They were discussing the difference between American flour and Japanese flour. Now, we have TONS of Japanese customers who use us to ship American ingredients and foods to them […]

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The Goopping How-to Video

Because we love you guys, we have decided to make the process of using Goopping’s package forwarding service MUCH easier to understand. How did we do it? We made a video! If you’re a current Goopping or just someone needing to ship something from the US to another country, watch this 1 minute video and […]

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