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Will My US bought Electronics work in my own country?

How many of us have ruined a new electronic device because we bought it from another country and tried plugging it in at home? If you’ve experienced this, or are thinking about purchasing an electronic device from the states, you’re going to want to know this. Different countries have different plugs and require different voltages. […]

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Your Mom doesn’t want flowers for Mother’s Day…

We’re telling you right now, don’t get mom another bouquet for Mother’s day this year…she doesn’t want it. Instead, get her something that will last longer than a week. Get her something that will make her think what a thoughtful gift-giver you are! We at Goopping have found 5 unique gift ideas to make your […]

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Goopping Grab Week of April 26th

Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock   This tabletop clock has to be one of the coolest devices we’ve found yet, so we had to feature it for Goopping’s Grab of the week. If you’re prone to watching the clock at work, why not make it fun? Just turn this on and the battery-operated […]

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US Online Stores Won’t Take Your Card?

It can be extremely frustrating when you want to buy something online from a US store, but they won’t take your international credit card. What do you do then, give up and forget the purchase? No. Goopping provides a lovely little service called “Buy for Me.” Basically, you tell us what you want to buy, […]

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Goopping Grab of the Week, April 11th

We know you played with them growing up.  And we know when you buy them, it’s not just for your kid’s benefit. Now, more than ever, Lego is putting out some majorly sweet games and sets. We love finding the most fun and interesting products to tell you about and these definitely fall under that […]

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