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International Shipping: What items are prohibited?

We at Goopping get all kinds of crazy items shipped to our warehouse for customers all over the world. You wouldn’t believe the wild things that come in…and that we actually ship internationally!  (Who knew you could make so many things out of antlers?)  Of course, there are some limitations to what Goopping is able […]

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Goopping Grab of the Week March 23rd

Every now and again Goopping finds a way cool product that we get so excited about, we have to tell someone! So you lucky blog readers get the scoop. In our constant search for great deals in the US, we occasionally come across some pretty sweet little numbers. Today’s awesome find is the Kelly Moore […]

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How do I know I can trust a Package Forwarding Company?

It can be scary purchasing items from an American site, shipping them to a company in the US, and trusting they will be forwarded to you. Being able to rely your package forwarding company is HUGE. We want Goopping customers to feel secure that when they have their purchases shipped to us, they will receive […]

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Stop your computer from redirecting you to local results

How frustrating is it when you are shopping online, looking for US stores, or just trying to find search results for a different country, and your computer redirects you to results for the country you are actually in? Yea…we know, it’s really frustrating. Many Goopping customers find themselves wanting to purchase something from the American […]

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How do I change my Google search Country setting?

Let’s say you’re from Australia, and you want to buy a purse from the US, but you don’t know the names of US shops selling purses! What now? The obvious solution would be if you could search on the US Google for online purse shops. Alas, being in Australia, your Google Search Engine is set […]

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