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Customer Comments on Goopping

We want to thank Vivekananda for the kind letter: “I am very pleased with Goopping Services and fast response and efficiency Also thanks for Goopping being set up otherwise it is impossible to buy books thru Amazon fro delivery in Australia as many book sellers only sell domestic USA and do not send international Furthermore […]

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Best “Case” Scenario for Protecting your iPhone

There are tons of cool iPhone cases out there. But when it comes down to it you really want to make sure that iPhone you spent hundreds on is safe. We’ve discovered a case sure to protect your phone from whatever calamities may occur… Da-da-da-DA! Presenting the iPhone OtterBox This case is meant for adventure. […]

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The “Man-Bag” a.k.a. the “Murse”

Are we serious about this? Yea,. It’s happening. And you thought Joey was the only one who could pull off this rad look… According to our friends at Buzzfeed the “Man’s Bag” is actually quite popular this fall. And we have to admit, there are some pretty classy looking bags. So dudes, check out this season’s […]

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The Frustrations of Online Shopping

Sometimes, we decide online shopping will be the easier route. We get so excited to make a purchase from an online store… The satisfaction that comes from selecting our perfectly-pictured item and dropping it into that little cart is exhilirating. Until…. We discover…THEY DON’T TAKE INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARDS!!! Leaving us like… We’re ready to abandon […]

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Weird Things People Ship #2

Sure, we get plenty of very “normal” and “boringly-adult” things through the warehouse. A good chunk  of our orders consist of such bland items as bedding, cereal, orthopedic shoes, prunes…you get the idea. However, from time to time, we get some very …unusual… items shipping from the US. Countries like Australia, Canada, and Japan seem […]

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