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Back-to-School Sales Mean More Savings

Back to School time in the United States is a fantastic time to save big on items for kids, young adults, and college students. Many stores offer huge sales on clothing, electronics, office supplies, and other “scholastic-related” items. Here are just a few of Goopping‘s top picks for Back to School Savings. Walmart Savings this […]

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Weird things people ship #1

As we write this post, we realize that not just a single post, but an entire BLOG could be dedicated to this subject. However, to get us started we will begin with this little doozie that came through the Goopping warehouse last week… That’s right… one of our customers appears to be a Knight of […]

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Goopping Grab of the Week: Audioffice

If you’re looking to upgrade your office or personal work space, this cool gadget allows you to do conference calls on your cell phone and provides clear sound and a nice handset. You can use your phone’s apps and it’s Android and iPhone compatible. Sale for $299

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Dunking the Boss

Remember on the office when Michael Scott decides to have a “roasting”? Well this year, at the company BBQ, our Goopping execs decided to do something slightly similar… ¬†….That’s right… DUNK TANK!   Not everyone was stoked about this idea however. Some of the execs had a less-than-enthused reaction. ¬†Fortunately, many of the Goopping employees […]

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5 Awful Summer Trends We HOPE Are Gone in 2014

We’ve all done it. We purchase that super “trendy” item to be hip, only to laugh at it’s hideousness and throw it out the following year. In honor of tacky purchases and trends, we’re posting a few Summer 2013 “trends” that we find both amusing and awful. If you’ve got any of these in your […]

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